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Commercial Flat Roofs in Loughborough, Coventry, Leicester and across the Midlands

While commercial flat roofs may appear to have a simple appearance, many unseen aspects contribute to a successful installation.

As such, you should always invest in the expertise of a flat roofing specialist. At Hart Roofing, our team shares over 40 years of trade experience. This allows us to create a roofing structure with outstanding durability and longevity. With a low life-cycle cost and decades of optimal performance, you receive the best possible return on your investment.

Operating out of Coventry, we cover the wider Midlands area. From Loughborough to Leicester, and from Leicestershire to Warwickshire, we happily install flat roofs in all locations and areas.

Below, we have looked at some of the lesser-known features that help to make your flat roofing installation perform to perfection.

The Structure of Flat Roofs
Our roofing installations don’t all have the same structure. As such, the way we approach yours will depend on what type of roof you require.

Warm Roofs – These are the simplest and most cost-effective solutions. When we install a warm roof, we place the insulation directly on top of the timber structure. This keeps it warm. Our team then lays the roofing membrane over the insulation.

Cold Roofs – For these flat roofs, we place the insulation between the rafters, meaning it’s underneath the ply roof covering. This represents the standard approach for flat-roofed property extensions.

While there are some variations to warm roofs – referred to as hybrid roofs – these two solutions make up most of our flat roofing structures in Coventry, Loughborough and the surrounding areas.

Generally speaking, the structures supporting flat roofs are the same. They consist of a timber frame with joists spanning the shorter length of the roof. These are the load-bearing members of your structure.

On top of this, you find the timber decking. The joists beneath support the weight of the deck. The decking itself is what gives flat roofing its name.

The Importance of a Fall
While the flat roofs you see in and around Coventry, Leicester and Loughborough may appear flat, they actually have an imperceptible slope, or fall. In fact, the fall is a vital aspect when it comes to the longevity of your flat roofing installation.

In short, the fall allows rainwater to drain from your roof as quickly as possible. Failure to integrate a fall at the required depth increases the risk of standing water on your roofing surface. Pooling water may seem harmless, but it is one of the leading causes of water leaks and structural issues.

Naturally, every new installation has its own qualities. However, for the smooth roofs we install, our team integrates a minimum fall of 1:80, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Integrating the perfect fall into flat roofs is one of the most important and intricate stages of construction. As such, you must leave it in the hands of a proven flat roofing specialist.

At Hart Roofing, we combine outstanding customer care with a portfolio of stunning results.

From new installations in Coventry to flat roof repairs in Loughborough, we cover every requirement across the Midlands.

Call us on 0800 865 4278 or 07525 536754 to discuss your commercial flat roofing needs in Coventry, Loughborough or any other location in the Midlands.

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So what benefits can Hart Roofing offer you & your property?

Three great reason why you should choose Hart Roofing for your next flat roofing project!

Flat Roofing Workmanship

Hart Workmanship

Regardless of whether you need a flat roof repair or a brand new roof for a new build or existing property Hart Roofing have the experience and dedication to produce the right results every time!

Hart Roofing Services

Hart Roofing Services

Hart Roofing's dedicated team of flat roofing specialists deliver outstanding results no matter the flat roof solution you require for your property, whether it be for a business premises or home.

Customer Care

Customer Care

We take the long term satisfaction of our customers very seriously. So whether you need emergency help with a flat roof repair or need help choosing the right roofing product for your property, we are here to help.

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